Monday, October 5, 2009

New acronym for ACORN


(Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now Helping Obama Liberals get Elected)

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's the media's fault.

It’s the media’s fault. People are hearing from their friend’s and through talk radio and possibly Fox news that the health care plan is going to ruin the present form of health care, free market health care. Mean while the media, the main stream, or “state run” media continues to push the Obama agenda. Hurry, hurry, we gota pass this health care plan now! People are skeptical. What’s the big hurry? Is it because they want it to be passed before you know what is really in it? If the state run media was really doing it’s job of reporting to the American people the facts about this bill, the concerned and pissed off folks wouldn’t confront the Senators at their town halls. Instead, the media is just a part of the Obama propaganda machine, they are responsible for not bringing the info to the people, which is exactly why the internet, conservative talk radio, and Fox News, who have been warning the public, truly doing the job media is supposed to do, will continue to put a butt whippin on the state run media. More and more people are tuning to conservative talk radio, the internet, and Fox News and turning off the main stream media they used to trust, because they realize that they won’t get the whole story from them. Only what Obama wants you to know.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

CZARBAMA's healthcare takeover

Well the self appointed czar of socialism, Obama, has decided that it's ok if his socialist supporters organize in the community, but if a group of citizens opposing his socialist agenda organizes, then they are considered "an angry mob". The media, which is his propaganda machine, then spreads the word. Angry Republicans, some caring swastika's and shouting at their congressmen in these town hall meetings are just racist that hate the President. Never mind that not all of the people that attended these meeting are Republicans, and they know it.

The state run media, knows that their President is in trouble, his stimulus package is killing the American economy, the public both democrat and Republican are beginning to see just how bad this guy is for America. They have now told their supporters to go to these town hall meetings and confront conservatives trying to get answers about the health care take over by the government. Even though it means that their own health care in the future will be ruined by a big cumbersome government rationing program, they are still going to support Czarbama. Such fools are the enemy of a free society, and will only be countered by rational people that believe our founding fathers had it right. And that don't believe the government even has the the ability to take care of people that are expecting something for nothing from the government.

The democrats in the Senate have enough power to vote this health care bill through by themselves, they don't need any Republicans to help. But the media is not portraying this as it is. They instead are making this into a story about how Republicans are trying to keep the President from helping poor Americans from receiving the health care that only the government can provide. The truth is, it will all come down to whether or not the democrat congressmen & women vote the way their constituency wants, or vote with Polosi, Reed and the self appointed czar of socialism, CZARBAMA.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Judge SotoLIAR

Alright! Time for my annual blog post. Can you guess what I'm going to talk about? Judge SotoLiar. That's right, LIAR. She fits right in with this bunch of idiots that are in the white house now.

Who gives a crap if she is qualified. As long as she fits the template. She is a radical, and a minority. Bingo ! Qualification met. Sotomayer has proven so by her rulings in the Ricci case. And numerous other rulings that were overturned by other courts. She has been quoted up to 6 times as saying a Hispanic woman would always reach a better decision than a white man. Which countries have Hispanic women have such an impact on ? None that I know of. I can't think of a single woman of Hispanic origin that has done anything of great importance in this country. Not that she, or they, can't. But hey. If you Hispanic woman are making better decisions than white men do, then where are all your accomplishments ? And why are your brilliant rulings being overruled by higher courts?

Tom Coburn and the Republican Senators that were questioning her did a fine job of showing America what kind of kook the Obama team thinks are deserving of the supreme court. She may not think white men can come to good conclusions, but these white guys set a trap for her by making her make statements during the hearing that were contrary to her prior decisions. Those statements can be used by the other members of the court to question her stance on how she would vote, based on what she testified to the Senate.

Out smarted again by stupid white guys.

Hey senorita, I thought y'all were smart.

Monday, August 4, 2008

At war with the media

America has been under attack from an enemy inside our own borders. In fact they are inside our homes, our cars, our airports, doctors office, barber shops and even the tire shop down the road. Yes the media has invaded every facet of our lives, and is trying with all its might to change America into something else. A Marxist, socialist country.

They have flooded the public with liberal propaganda, ignoring anything the republicans do, (unless it's something bad). The media does their best to make the republican party out to be a bunch of racist, homophobic, greedy rich people that only care about themselves.

During the primaries the media made Mitt Romney out to be a religious zealot that believed in polygamy. Huckabee was labeled a dangerous right wing christian . The only republican they could even stand was the maverick John McCain. So they worked to get him elected, and they succeeded.

The media chose Obama too. They went toe to toe with the powerful Clinton political machine and managed to pull the upset.

So now, the media is trying to cram Obama down our throats, they followed him to Germany, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Not just reporters, but the anchors for each of the 3 big networks followed their messiah to distant lands, reporting back to the ignorant masses of his many miracles. But guess what ? America wasn't impressed, they have about had it with this cocky, narcissistic, stuffed suit.

McCain, with the media hammering him on every issue is still standing, holding his own, if not ahead of the chosen one in the poles.
They say this election is a referendum on Obama, an up or down vote on the chosen one. I believe it also is a referendum on the media, and their power to influence the public.

The media has become nothing more than a political vehicle for the liberal wing of the democratic party, they do not reflect the values of the common American public that make up the majority of the nation.

Conservative Americans ! The mainstream media is our enemy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama's list of no-no's

Obama's list of words and such that can't be mentioned and why :

1. His wife Michelle.
Even though she is out there speaking as if they are already the king and queen of what used to be America, you cant say anything about her without the media freaking out.

2. His middle name.
His middle name Hussein is not to be mentioned, lest you be labeled a muslimophobe.

3. His pastor.
Even though he was a member for a couple of decades, he said he never heard the Rev. say anything about God damning America. Or that America was the US of KKK A.

4. His ears.
I guess Barry, the little mulatto that wished he was black got picked on a little.

5. His friends.
Don't you dare mention his buddy William Ayers. You know, the one that bombed the Pentagon ? But hey, that was a long time ago. Yes it was, John McCain was a POW when Ayers did the dirty deed.

6.His experience.
Or rather his lack of it. A senator for all of 143 days before he started his campaign for president. But hey, he was a community organizer before that, ok ?

7. His race.
His mom, is a white woman. His dad, the one that left Barry Hussein Obama and his mom to fend for themselves is a black man. So naturally Barry Hussein Obama is a black man, at least he wishes he was.

Well the list just grows and grows, every day. Comedians cant even joke about him without his staff coming down on them.
Yes Barry Hussein Obama, half white, half black, half Muslim, half christian, half messiah, half devil. The Democrats really know how to pick a candidate.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mrs Obama

After listening to the reports last week about Michelle Obama's "make over", where the media is trying to make her look less like herself, and more like most of us, I had a thought. She reminds me of someone. I couldn't put my finger on it until later, then it occurred to me.

Omarosa !

I knew I had seen that overbearing bitchy attitude before.
So she has been setting in church listening to the Rev. Wright say" G** d*** America" & talking about how we deserved the attacks from the terrorist on 9/11, and she wants to be the first lady of our great nation? I don't think so. YOUR FIRED !!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Carrie Underwood not convincing at all

Carrie's new song ( don't even know my last name ) is just not a good song for her. I've seen her do it live on tv 3 times in the last month, and it just doesn't fit her image.
Maybe Miranda Lambert, or Gretchen Wilson, but definitely not Carrie.
I don't know who is advising her, but she isn't that kind of artist. She's not that comfortable slinking around the stage like some sex kitten, and you can tell it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What is Brad Henry thinking?

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry recently endorsed Obama for president. No problem with that except for the fact that the state voted in our primary to support Clinton. Yes that's right, the leader of our state, if you want to call him a leader, voted against what the very people that put him in office wanted.
The Democrats always think of their constituency as a bunch of idiots...which most are... and that they cant think for themselves, that's why they have SUPER DELEGATES like Brad Henry. What master Henry was saying was, you fools cant possibly know whats good for you, here I'll pick for you.
Why do the Dem's even bother with primary elections? The Super's are going to pick the candidate anyway!
Just another way the leftist Democrat's are taking away your rights one by one.
And the crazy thing is, the democrat base doesn't even seem to mind.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The lights are on, but nobodys home.

This blog is not abandoned. I've just been unable to set down and type out the stupid things I think about. More simpleokie on the way, just don't know when.
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